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Cloud Call Center Software within Zendesk Ticketing
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Turns Calls/Voicemails into tickets for Issue Resolution
Toll-free or Local Phone Number for Text Support
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Field Service Management With Scheduling, Tracking, And More
Intent-based routing with speech-enabled IVRS
Team inbox that automatically creates contacts from queries
Set up, operations, and scaling can be achieved in a few clicks
Advanced voice artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities
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Customizable Call Routing Based On Fit, Availability, And More
Mandatory after call work with note-taking features.
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12 Best Call Center Software – Complete Breakdown

Through our hands-on testing, feedback from user customer reviews, and in-depth product research, we’ve compiled a list of the best call center software.

We evaluated each provider according to key factors like:

  • Pricing, Plans, and Overall Value
  • Ease of Use
  • Available Features
  • Customer Service and Support

Here are our top picks:


1. Five9

Five9 is a cloud-based inbound, outbound, and blended call center software offering multichannel communication. Five9 operates primarily on an AI-based workflow, providing detailed customer information thanks to its Genius™ Intelligent Omnichannel ACD system and screen pops. 

Five9 Key Features:

  • Skills-based, time-based, and priority call routing
  • Drag-and-drop agent script creation tools
  • Predictive, Power, Preview, and Progressive Dialing Modes
  • Global Voice with regional Points of Presence to connect national/international customers to live agents in their timezones
  • Workforce Management tools like shift bidding, cost of schedule analysis, and 6 forecasting methods

Five9 Pricing:

Five9 plans are scalable based on the number of users and desired features. Pricing is quote-based, with basic plans starting at $100.00/month per agent. Top-tier plans can go up to $175.00/month per agent. 


2. Talkdesk CX Cloud

Talkdesk CX Cloud is an inbound, outbound, and blended cloud call center solution with a major focus on leveraging automation to speed up overall resolution times and optimize workflows. One of the ways it does this is through its AI Agent Assist™ tool. This feature gives real-time automated recommendations to customer service agents by recognizing keywords/phrases and instantly displaying relevant information from internal wikis. 

Talkdesk Key Features:

  • Quality management tools with agent and team skill scoring/ranking, live agent activity feeds, and feedback from managers via call transcription commenting 
  • Speech analytics like sentiment analysis, keyword search, intent and topic analysis, and more
  • Self-service through AI-powered Talkdesk Guide, which automatically ranks knowledge base articles based on customer query and “learns” customer needs by analyzing caller feedback. It also suggests which knowledge base articles need improvement.
  • AI-based omnichannel workflow management tool with automated forecasting, skills-based scheduling, etc.

Talkdesk Pricing:

Talkdesk pricing is based on the number of agents, number of desired telephone numbers, and calling prices. Though pricing is not listed publicly and is quote-based, plans with AI capabilities begin at $65.00/month per agent. 


3. Twilio Flex

Twilio Flex is a programmable inbound/outbound call center platform designed to provide a high level of customization and flexibility. Users can build their own call center according to their needs, preferred integrations, most popular communication channels, and more through Twilio APIs.

Twilio Key Features:

  • Real-time agent activity and capacity updates 
  • Warm and cold transfers 
  • Autopilot automated speech recognition bot 
  • Preview and click-to-dial outbound dialer
  • Queued Callback and Voicemail for Flex automated callback request management  

Twilio Pricing:

Twilio Flex offers a pay-as-you-go per-hour option for $1.00/active user hour or a per-month plan for $150.00/agent per month. 


4. NICE CXone

NICE CXone from NICE inContact is a cloud-based inbound, outbound, and blended call center software primarily designed for large-scale organizations with a high daily call volume. It’s a feature-rich solution designed to streamline omnichannel communication and routing, analytics, workforce management, and more into a unified platform.

NICE CXOne Key Features:

  • Personal Connection outbound predictive, progressive, and proficiency dialing modes
  • MAX customer information tool for agents to add notes, create and update customer contact cards, access internal knowledge bases, and integrate CRM data 
  • Over 250 live and historical call center metrics and analytics, as well as Feedback Management customer survey tool
  • Workforce Engagement including over 40 forecasting algorithms, “what if” planning, and automated PTO request management 
  • Numerous third-party integrations like Zoom, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Oracle, and Zendesk

NICE Pricing:

Pricing for NICE CXone is not publicly listed on the provider website but is feature-based as opposed to user-based. Pricing begins at $100.00/feature, per month. 


5. Dialpad

Dialpad is an outbound and inbound call center primarily focused on improving outbound sales call speed and success rates with detailed coaching and numerous dialing modes. One of its best features is its AI-powered sales outreach tool. This feature includes objection handling, a sales playlist of successful sales calls for better agent training, post-call analytics, and agent/group coaching. 

Dialpad Key Features:

  • Shareable post-call summaries and real-time call transcriptions for agent analysis
  • Business hour, round-robin, fixed order, longest idle, skills-based, and percentage-based call routing
  • Real-time customer sentiment analysis, real-time call monitoring, real-time agent recommendations
  • Rep leaderboards, manager alerts, real-time rep suggestions, and speech coaching
  • Automated post-call notes 

Dialpad Pricing:

The Dialpad Contact Center offers two paid plans: Pro and Enterprise. Though prices are not publicly listed, the Outbound Dialer tool begins at $95.00/user per month.   


6. Nextiva

The Nextiva intelligent inbound, outbound, and blended cloud call center It’s especially known for its advanced reporting and analytics thanks to the Enhanced Call Center Reporting Feature. This tool provides insight into both caller and agent behavior through key metrics like call types, agent unavailability, call duration by type and agent, agent wrap-up time, and more. 

Nextiva Key Features:

  • Call center threshold notification for better agent optimization during high call volume times
  • Drag-and-drop call flow design
  • Convert written text to human-like automated call scripts and IVR menus
  • Nextiva CRM automated customer surveys available throughout multiple touchpoints
  • Detailed Agent status/presence updates like training, on break, out of office, DND, personal call, lunch, and more

Nextiva Pricing:

Though pricing is no longer publicly listed for the Nextiva Contact Center, as of August 2020 there were two available plans: The Pro Plan from $50.00/user per month and The Enterprise Plan for $100.00/user per month. 


7. Genesys Cloud CX

Genesys Cloud CX is an inbound, outbound, and blended cloud call center solution with a heavy focus on customer personalization based on previous interactions and customer preference. Its Intent Miner feature uses AI, past customer interactions, and customer journey analysis to improve automated voice bots and increase first call resolution rates.

Genesys Key Features:

  • Genesys Pulse real-time agent and call flow monitoring/reporting including group status, agent KPIs, queue KPIs, and more
  • Conversational voice bots with NLU, buildable drag-and-drop call flow paths, and automatic live agent transfer
  • Skills-based, relationship-based, time-based, predictive-bases priority-based, and round-robin routing strategies
  • CTI screen pop customer profiles
  • Customer post-call surveys to strengthen customer personalization 

Genesys Pricing:

Genesys Cloud CX offers three plans that can be paid on a monthly or hourly basis. The CX 1 plan costs $75.00/month per user or $0.68/user per hour. The CX2 plan costs $110.00/user per month or $0.99/agent per month. The CX 3 plan costs $140.00/month per user or $1.26/hour per agent. 


8. RingCentral

RingCentral is an inbound, outbound, and digital call center platform and customer engagement solution designed to increase and improve lead generation and agent efficiency. Features like skills-based, personalized, VIP, and omnichannel routing, along with detailed insight from customized customer surveys, make that possible.

RingCentral Key Features:

  • Preview, Progressive, Predictive, and Manual dialing modes
  • Workforce Optimization suite of tools including performance management, (coaching/feedback) quality management, (review forms, select calls to review) and workforce management (scheduling, agent timelines) 
  • RingCentral MVP (Message, Phone, Video) integration for omnichannel communication
  • Automated escalation matrix and real-time escalation alerts
  • Outbound Campaign Management with personalized scripting and conversation guidance 

RingCentral Pricing:

As of this writing, RingCentral Contact Center pricing is not available on the company’s website. However, there are three available plans: Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate. Plans are quote-based and can be customized.


9. Zendesk

Zendesk unique in that it offers one call center solution for customer service (called “Service”) and one call center solution for sales and CRM (called “Sales.”) Users that want to build their own call center system from the ground up can use Sunshine, Zendesk’s open-source platform with APIs and SDKs.

Zendesk Key Features:

  • Multilingual omnichannel automated AI bot Answer Bot that collects caller information, automatically directs them to the best self-service option, or escalates the situation to a live agent. Configurable by a drag-and-drop answer Flow Builder. 
  • Community Forum tool, Zendesk Gather, allows your customers/prospects to connect online, offer feedback, ask questions to each other and assigned agents, and more
  • Conversation Tags and Ratings
  • Customizable or pre-built live/historical analytics dashboard, along with dashboard sharing to compare information with other agents
  • Automatic ticket creation from voicemails/calls, contextual workflows, Guided Ticketing Mode

Zendesk Pricing:

Zendesk has one of the more complex pricing systems, but also offers the most options/plans. 

The Service software offers several paid options: the Suite Team plan for $49.00/agent per month the Suite Growth plan for $79.00/agent per month, and the Professional Plan for $99.00/agent per month. Large-scale companies that need customer service call center software can opt for the Suite Enterprise plan, starting at $150.00/agent per month. There’s also an agile, tailor-made Service plan from $215.00/agent per month.

The Sell software offers just three plans: the Sell Team plan for $19.00/user per month, the Sell Professional plan for $49.00/user per month, and the Sell Enterprise plan for $99.00/user per month.


10. Freshdesk 

Freshdesk Calling Center (formerly Freshcaller) is an inbound and outbound cloud-based call center software. It’s geared especially towards fully remote teams thanks to virtual agent leaders, built-in team collaboration tools and call assignments, and 24/7 availability thanks to AI-powered voice bots.

Freshdesk Key Features:

  • Time-based call routing, team-based routing, and intent-based routing
  • Collaborative support ticketing through Team Inbox feature that offers collision detection, ticket activity log, ticket merge, and canned ticket responses
  • Field Service Management like scheduling dashboard, time tracking, location-based service groups, and more
  • Intelligent automated ticket assignment
  • Event and time-triggered response automation

Freshdesk Pricing:

Freshdesk offers three omnichannel contact center plans. However, the pricing for the plans is just a base — Freshdesk also charges users on a pay per minute/agent basis, which is billed annually. 

The prices below are shown without the pay-per-minute prices, which are available by contacting Freshdesk directly. 

The Pro Omnichannel plan begins at $59.00/agent per month, the Pro Omnichannel plan starts at $59.00/user per month, and the Enterprise Omnichannel plan begins at $99.00/agent per month. 


11. Aircall

Aircall is an inbound and outbound cloud call center software primarily designed to improve and streamline internal communication between agents, remove common bottlenecks, and optimize workflows through a series of advanced collaboration features. 

Aircall Key Features:

  • Cascading, Skills-based, Time-based, and customizable call routing strategies that can all be updated in real-time based on current call volume/agent availability
  • Call commenting, call assignment, call tagging, call archiving, and automatic CRM post-call notes syncing 
  • Outbound power dialing
  • After Call Work hold time (where agent can’t make any other calls) automatically triggered for calls lasting more than 5 seconds
  • Collaboration tools like shared call inbox, shared contacts, custom call filters, and mandatory call tagging

Aircall Pricing:

Aircall has three paid plans: the Essentials Plan for $30.00/user per month, the Professional Plan for $50.00/user per month, and the Custom Plan which is charged by individual price quotes.


12. CloudTalk

CloudTalk is an inbound, outbound, and blended cloud sales and support call center software ideal for those looking for affordability and overall ease of use. It offers a high degree of scalability that will most benefit smaller businesses that need a more advanced business phone system but that don’t want to be overwhelmed with too many features.

CloudTalk Key Features: 

  • Smart missed call detection for both resolved and unresolved calls to prevent callers from being overlooked
  • Optional or mandatory post-call tagging for agents, call notes, and contact tagging for customer groupings
  • Smart and power outbound dialers 
  • VIP queues, skills-based, caller-based, and preferred agent-based call routing
  • Real-time agent wallboard, custom reporting, SCAT score, unlimited analytics history

CloudTalk Pricing:

Cloudtalk offers three paid plans: the Starter plan for $20.00/user per month, the Essential plan for $25.00/user per month, and the Expert plan for $40.00/user per month.

CloudTalk also offers a completely customized contact center solution, which is available on a quote basis. 


What to Look for in Call Center Software Provider

In addition to the above features, the best call center software providers will also offer strong security, Service Level Agreements, guaranteed uptimes, and excellent overall network reliability. 



Though no provider can guarantee to prevent all security breaches and data hacks, the right security standards can make them far less likely to happen. 

Call center software security standards should include:

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) 
  • End-to-end encryption
  • GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA compliance 
  • SRTP, TLS, and AES encryption
  • Frequent third-party security audits 
  • Third-party security certifications like ISO-27001 and SOC2 compliance 


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract between the service provider and customer that protects both parties by clearly outlining the expected service and guarantees. 

Common information included in the SLA is: 

  • Guaranteed uptime
  • The features/functionalities the software must provide to the customer
  • Penalties if guarantees in the SLA are not met
  • Security and compliance details 
  • Billing details, contract length, and other costs 
  • Any exclusions that exempt the provider from penalties 


A Guaranteed Uptime of Over 99.9%

Uptime is the amount of time that the call center software is functional and able to provide the services outlined in the SLA. It’s an indication of how much downtime you could experience per year without the provider incurring a penalty. 

If a provider doesn’t offer a minimum guaranteed uptime of over 99%, walk away immediately.

Let’s take a look at how much downtime you will get with each uptime guarantee:

  • 99% uptime guarantee gives you 3 days, 15 hours, 39 minutes, and 29 seconds of downtime a year
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee gives you 8 hours, 45 minutes, and 56 seconds of downtime a year
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee gives you 52 minutes and 35 seconds of downtime a year
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee gives you 5 minutes and 15 seconds of downtime a year


Network Reliability 

High network reliability directly contributes to guaranteed uptime and outlines how the provider ensures their system remains up and running over 99% of the time. 

The biggest thing to look for here is network redundancy, meaning that the provider has data centers in multiple geographic locations. This ensures that even if one server goes offline, others can still keep the service functional.  



Call Center Software FAQs

Call centers use inbound, outbound, or blended call center software to better manage call volume and agent efficiency, provide self-service to callers, and improve the overall customer experience. 

Some call centers may also use contact center software, a streamlined and synced omnichannel business communications platform offering multiple channels like voice calling, SMS texting, live chat, social media messaging, email, and more. 

Call centers will also often use CRM software to store and locate key customer information.

The best call center software for your business will depend on factors like your industry, your current and future number of agents, your proposed call center type, the features you do (and don’t) need, and of course, your budget. 

We suggest using this page to get a basic sense of which providers may be a good fit, then relying on our in-depth provider comparisons to help you narrow down then finalize your choice.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in a call center is a tool providing agents with important, up-to-date, and relevant customer information in real-time. Among other things, CRM systems store data like order history, contact information, account details, and notes on previous customer interactions. CRM improves the overall customer experience by giving agents immediate access to the information they need to best assist the customer, speeding up the overall resolution process and providing more personalized service. 

Your preferred third-party CRM software can be integrated with your call center software, or you can opt to use native CRM features.

To start your own call center, first determine if you’d like to open an entirely remote virtual call center or a brick-and-mortar, physical location. 

Then, choose if you’d like an inbound (receives customer support calls, takes orders) outbound (makes outgoing sales calls, sets up appointments) or blended (can make/receive all types of calls) call center. 

Next, choose your proposed industry, keeping in mind that healthcare, financial services, customer/tech support, and business process outsourcing are especially popular call center operations. 

Choose the number, location, and types of agents you’d like to hire, set attainable goals, determine hours, etc. Before you have an idea of these basics, you should not attempt to purchase call center software or a business phone system in general. 

Once you’ve chosen your software and implemented a training program for your team members, you’re ready to open. 

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